Travel in Scotland

It may not be the principal reason for coming to Scotland, but it very quickly becomes a major reason for staying: the ease of commuting and travelling around or to and from Scotland are points that are emphasised again and again by the financial specialists who have settled in Scotland.

It has changed their lives: less stress, shorter working days, different family routines and free time in which to pursue other interests and activities. 

Fortunately, not all travelling is commuting, and many of the specialist staff who have moved from elsewhere to work and live in Scotland mention the ease and accessibility of travelling around Scotland on weekends and holidays. Scotland is still a wild country with countless natural reserves to explore. Some parts of the country are remote and almost uninhabited, and you may find yourself driving on long and winding single track roads in stunning scenery.

The main routes north are the A90 to Aberdeen,

the A9 to Inverness and the A82 up the west coast to Fort William and beyond. From Glasgow and Edinburgh the Highlands are less than two hours drive away or a short train journey. In the same time, you may reach the beautiful Scottish Borders or English Northumberland. London is a six hour drive away, while the train from Edinburgh takes 4 hours and the train from Glasgow makes the journey in 6 hours. The overnight sleeper is another option, and with the abundance of flights and the number of low cost airlines many people also choose to fly.


Do you long for a calmer pace of life where commuting is shorter and even enjoyable?Commuting in Scotland can be all those things because of the size and compactness of its cities. 

Scotland's two major cities are very close to each other and quite a few people live in one city and work in the other. The train journey from Edinburgh Waverley train station to Glasgow Queen Street is only 50 minutes. Local bus networks serve all major cities, and there are bus routes and trains to surrounding towns and villages. Driving and parking is less stressful than in other bigger cities and Glasgow especially has good access to motorways and plenty of parking spaces. 

One of the joys of living in Scotland is that you may choose to live so close to work that you can walk there. Cycling is another option with some bicycle lanes in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Be warned - there are enough hills in both cities to keep you fit!

Airports and destinations

Scotland is a hub for travelling. Recent improvements and enlargements at Edinburgh International Airport have meant even more destinations are now available from the airport. Glasgow Airport is currently served by over 40 airlines that fly to more than 76 destinations, while 30 airlines fly to over 59 different destinations from Edinburgh Airport. There are direct flights to many places in Europe and even to Canada and the United States. 

There are numerous daily flights to London. British Midland, British Airways, Lufthansa, Go, Gulf Air, Qantas Airways, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, and All Nippon Airways all fly from Edinburgh and Glasgow to London totalling more than 40 daily departures from Edinburgh and 30 daily departures from Glasgow. 

In addition Ryanair has 8 daily departures flying out of Prestwick International Airport to Stanstead, while EasyJet flies 17 daily flights to Luton, Gatwich and Heathrow, and Scot Airways has 9 departures to City airport.