McKinlay Kidd

McKinlay Kidd have been providing travel insurance products for a number of years now, and customers always report them as being positive products that really bring peace of mind to the travel experience overall. There are a wide range of policies available, meaning that every traveller, no matter what their circumstances, should be able to find something that meets their insurance needs.

Their annual multi-trip policy in particular has proven to be very popular, with many people using it for the convenience and the quality of the cover. Above all, McKinlay Kidd pride themselves on their flexibility.

Annual multi-trip

This is a perfect policy for a growing sector of travellers, the holidaymakers who travel out more than once a year. It has many benefits attached to it.

The cover supplies protection for twelve months for any number of trips with the trips lasting up to 31 days. These trips will be fully covered, and this aspect of the policy makes it very flexible for travellers, who can thus plan their year out as regards trips and take full advantage of the policy benefits.

The policy also offers winter sports coverage, so that travellers can enjoy winter sports for up to 17 days and receive cover for each of those days. This is not a normally expected feature of multi-trip insurance, and is therefore a real feature of McKinley Kidd’s offering to customers.

The policy also covers business and personal travel. This makes it ideal for the business traveller who has numerous trips away to take care of in a calendar year. The policy allows her to arrange insurance effortlessly; no matter how many time she is away on business. This makes the cover less laborious to organize than it could be. Companies that have a sales force, for example, can take care of much of their travel insurance issues with one policy.

One key factor in the success of the travel insurance on offer from McKinlay Kidd is the fact that many of the sports activities that someone would indulge in when abroad or on holiday are covered by the policy. Scuba Diving, for example, which is not always a given on a travel insurance policy, is covered by the McKinlay Kidd policy. This again shows how the company has maintained an approach whereby they think of the traveller’s needs first.

Another cover aspect that is more a reflection of the world we live in than anything else is the fact that travellers are covered for any travel delays that have been caused by volcanic ash.

Recent events have shown how Nature can take over a traveller’s journey and prevent them from making a flight home. This aspect of the cover means that if such an incident takes place and travel is delayed, then McKinlay Kidd will step in and cover the cost of having a flight delayed. The cost can spiral due to work commitments etc. so it is good to know that the company is there to support a traveller.

As part of the multi trip travel insurance package the company offers a full health check service, treated with confidentiality. Travellers who sign up for the insurance also get emergency medical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event a claim has to be made, customers can look forward to having a dedicated claims handler, who will work to ensure the turnaround time for the claim is not too long. This is another unique feature of the cover that ensures the customer’s best interests are kept firmly in mind.

You also get the option to increase the length of the cover you receive within the policy to 45, 60 or 75 days, as well as refine the geographical cover.

Single Trip

This is really for people who are only planning one holiday for the year. You can take out single trip travel insurance and further tailor it to your needs as and when you see fit.

The policy is open to anyone up to 75 years of age at the time of travel. This means a large proportion of people can take up the insurance. It also means that families can have the insurance without having to worry about certain family members being too old in the majority of cases.

The trips that are covered are up to 45 days in length, which is very much a good length of time, and allows the majority of travellers to plan their journeys accordingly. This allows for great flexibility and even some scope for planning your travel insurance for a period before the trip actually takes place.

The insurance also covers a wide range of activities, including trekking and golf, so the keen amateur sportsperson should not have to worry, the cover takes care of the majority of sporting ventures for most people.

Some extensions

Weddings are covered under extensions of the insurance. If you are getting married abroad, the company will cover aspects of this, with wedding attire, gifts and rings as standard parts of the cover.

The business aspect of the standard policy covers business travel, but it does not cover the equipment that is used by business travellers. However, an extension can be purchased which makes it a lot more comprehensive, adding further peace of mind for the business traveller. The extension covers the possibility of replacement personnel being required. It also covers for loss or damage to business equipment and attire, therefore making it a key choice for any business that has members of staff travelling for extended periods of time or multiple trips.

McKinlay Kidd has made a name for itself with cost effective travel insurance that offers plenty of benefits to the customers. This comes across in the way they even offer high value extensions, especially in the business side of the policy, which makes it even easier to run multiple trips, for example, and still have high levels of cover that support the needs of the business traveller.