Travel can be one of the most exciting parts of a person’s life, and the opportunity to visit parts of the world that you don’t normally see is one of life’s unique pleasures.

However, if you don’t have adequate or effective travel insurance, you are leaving yourself wide open to major problems. At the very least these problems will be financial, as you find yourself having to pay for medical costs, for example. At the worst end of the spectrum, you could find yourself in serious danger, without any support for your home country.

Chartis have been selling their unique brand of travel insurance for years now, and currently have over 70 million customers with insurance policies worldwide. Their main form of travel insurance is called Travel Guard, and it is comprehensive.

General exclusions

There are a number of cases where a person may be excluded form taking up Travel Guard and they include:

• Anyone who does not take reasonable care with either property or personal safety
• Extreme sports and sporting activities where there is a higher than reasonable amount of danger
• Sexually transmitted diseases as a result of travelling
• Mental or nervous disorders
• Any attempted suicide or suicide
• Anyone who travels against the advice of their medical practitioner
• Anyone who travels as a crew member
• Anyone serving in the military as part of the journey

Countries in which Travel Guard is not usable:

Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan or Syria

What is covered?

• Up to S$2,000,000 Medical Expenses incurred overseas for Sickness or Injury.
• Up to S$1,000,000 protection for accidental death whilst travelling on public transport (Premier Plan customers only).
• Covers all ages.

• Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Cover (Premier & Superior Plan customers only).
• Allows for 24-hour medical assistance while overseas.
• Covers natural disasters.
• Protects you for amateur sports.
• Reimburse for your baggage delay and travel delay whilst you are overseas
• Acts of terrorism.
• If subject to hospitalization/quarantine at time of expiry, you will gain an automatic 30-day extension.
• Any treatment by a physician.
• Reimburse you for your telephone call charges incurred overseas for calling Travel Guard during a medical emergency
• Reimburse you for your telephone call charges incurred overseas to call Travel Guard to report a lost or stolen credit card

• Reimburse for the replacement cost for lost travel documents.
• Reimburse for failure to board aircraft due to flight overbooking
• Reimburse for medical expenses incurred overseas arising from pregnancy-related sickness.
• Reimburse you for loss of jewelry if you are robbed while travelling.
• Provides cover for your household contents against fire whilst you are away.

There are a number of newer benefits that the company has put in place for customers. These include:

• Emergency telephone charges cover has been improved (Premier Plan customers)
• The jewelry cover ha been improved (Premier Plan)
• Car rental excess charges improved

Structures and plans:

Family Plan

This is a plan set up for one or two adults travelling with any number of children. The two adults in the group need not be related but the children must be related to one of the two adults. For this plan to be in effect the family must return together.

The children must be unmarried and less than eighteen years of age, or under 23 years of age if they are enrolled as a student in full tie education at a college or university.