Corporate Finance

This sector comprises a specialist niche within Scotland’s financial services industry. Scottish-based brokers and dealers access all international capital markets, maintaining especially a commitment to smaller,

growing companies and private investors, as well as to major corporate and institutional clients.

Scottish advisory firms are prominent in bringing companies to market through listing on the London Stock Exchange, Alternative Investment market (AIM) NASDAQ and EASDAQ.  In Scotland there is also significant venture capital and private equity expertise and a developed network of private investors prepared to back new-start companies. 

In addition, Scottish firms have taken a leading role in the UK and overseas in the design and provision of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Key facts and figures

Scottish Financial Enterprise member companies in this sector employ over 400 corporate finance and broking specialists within Scotland.

Most of SFE’s member companies in this sector service a global client base from Scotland.

These companies manage over £5 billion (2005: £106 million) of funds directly in Scotland, much of which is venture capital.  They undertake many and varied business activities from Scotland including:

  • Project finance
  • Venture capital
  • Investment management
  • Corporate finance and merchant banking
  • Company broking services
  • Specialist global advisory services in the oil and gas industry
  • Financial planning


Did you know?

Merchant banking, in its original definition, referred to the merchants of Renaissance Italy who would lend money to the other merchants, craftsmen and traders with whom they conducted business.  In addition to money these “merchant” bankers would provide ongoing operational advice and assistance.

The number of venture capital funds based in Scotland is greater than those based in any other region of the UK outside London and the South East.

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