Bank of Scotland

The Bank of Scotland has been providing insurance for many years and it has always prided itself on its travel insurance. The packages available are comprehensive and deliver great value to the customer, with pretty much all travel eventualities and scenarios covered by the policy.

The cover has a number of features attached to it that makes it one of the more attractive travel insurance options available today.

These include such items as no limits imposed on the number of trips you take each year. This is a particularly positive aspect of the cover and it makes it very attractive. Another aspect that customers find easy to buy is the baggage replacement policy. The Bank of Scotland offer new-for-old replacement on any baggage items that are less than two years old.

Baggage is an issue that the Bank of Scotland clearly feels strongly about, as their cover in this area is very generous indeed. For any one item of baggage, such as a suitcase, you can claim up to £500 back in compensation from the company, which makes it a lot more attractive than many other travel insurance providers.

With accidental loss, theft or damage to baggage, you can claim up to £2,500 in total.

Accidental loss, theft or damage to key documents like passports can bring you up to £500 in financial cover. This also applies to cash too. Up to £300 in currency can be claimed for. These things do happen on holiday, so it is comforting to think that the company will offer such generous cover. There is nothing worse than losing money on a holiday, and having that safety net of £300 should go a long way towards making things more positive.

The personal liability level is vey high too.

If you become liable for paying any compensation during your trip, for whatever reason, then the company will pay up to £2,000,000 in costs. This again provides significant peace of mind. There could be any reason for you being liable, and often things spiral out of control. Having this kind of financial back up would really help.

If you miss a departure to your travel destination then there is some financial cover available here too. You can claim up to £1,000 towards the cost of accommodation or further transport that you have had to incur due to missing the departure of the public transport that was intended to get you to your travelling destination.

Winter Sports

The Bank of Scotland offers an attractive winter sports package as an upgrade. You can ask to have this as an upgrade and this will incur additional costs. The details of the winter sports package show why it is such a popular option.

If you bring your own ski equipment to a holiday and then it is lost or damaged, the company can offer up to £300 as compensation. There is also compensation for loss of use of a ski pack or a lift pass. These items are non-refundable on resorts, but the Bank of Scotland takes care of this aspect by offering up to £150 towards an unused portion of your lift pass, or a total of £500 towards your ski pack if you are ill or injured. It is important to remember that the lift pass cover will only take effect if the lift pass is lost, not if it is just unused.

Skiing holidays are all about being on the piste. However, some days people find that the piste is closed, and it is often something that is completely out of anyone’s control. The weather could affect the piste, for example. If the piste is closed and you cannot use it, the Bank of Scotland will pay up to £15 per day to cover the inconvenience. This cover can be used to pay for transportation to an alternative site if necessary. All cover of closed pistes is capped at £150.

If you lose or have your own personal ski equipment damaged, then you can expect some cover from the company. Up to £20 per day can be applied as cover towards the hire of some ski equipment from a provider. The maximum cost of ski hire that you are covered for is £300.

You can also claim legal expenses if you are embroiled in a legal dispute with another party while aboard. This is a very generous aspect of the cover, with £25,000 coming your way to help you sustain a legal battle.

Business Travel

Business travellers travel for hundreds of miles, and they need assurance too. The companies that send them out on business trips will be happy to hear that the Bank of Scotland offers a high level of cover. If a business traveller’s equipment is damaged or lost, then the bank will pay up to £1,000 in cover. This cover breaks down further into a maximum of £300 per single item.


Personal liability is subject to some exclusion under the policy. You will not receive cover in this regard if you are pursuing any trade or profession while travelling.

If there is missed departure there are some exclusions involved in this also. If you are aware of a strike action or some kind of publicly organized event then you can not expect to be covered due to this knowledge. The company will also not cover you if there are any volcanic explosions or ash clouds present that may cause your flight to be missed.

Hospital and medical benefits will not be received if there is a medical condition that you have which you are not taking the appropriate medication for.

Baggage and baggage delay issues cannot be resolved through compensation if you leave anything unattended, unless you have it locked away in your accommodation or a hotel safe or safety deposit box.

The Bank of Scotland has been providing travel insurance for a number of years, and customers like the way it is dealt with. Al customer service representatives present as calm and positive, and the overall customer experience is very pleasant.