AXA Travel Insurance

AXA travel insurance is a part of the large AXA insurance group, and it provides travel insurance cover in many different forms, so that customers can easily pick a type of insurance that suits their needs. In this article we will look at the travel insurance products that AXA travel insurance offers and detail their benefits.

Single Trip Insurance

This is a common option and is often utilized by travellers who have one trip a year. The trip that customers can take for this kind of insurance can last up to 365 days, so it falls within the one-year boundary. AXA pride themselves on the fact that you can arrange a single trip package within minutes, using their online booking service. One key feature of what AXA travel insurance offers in the way of single trip insurance is the ability to buy the cover up to a year in advance. This protects customers against any cancellations that may take place. While it may not be something that everyone is able to manage, it does mean that the insurance offers that little bit more protection than one would expect from a travel insurance broker.

Annual Multi-trip

This is used if you arrange to go on more than one trip per year. For families who like to have two or three holidays per year it is ideal. Rather than having to go online or telephone AXA every time you wish to take a new trip, you can purchase the annual multi-trip package and have all of your insurance needs taken care of. The benefits of this package for the customer are that there are significant savings involved in buying a multi-trip package rather than a single trip insurance policy.

The travel insurance for annual multi-trip is valid worldwide.

Backpacker/long stay cover

This cover is for the real travellers amongst us. Backpackers are well known for taking longer trips around the world to see parts of the world that they may not have the opportunity to see again. This type of insurance protects the backpacker as they go on the longest journey of their lives. The cover is unique in that it protects the customer for up to one year after the cover is taken out. This means that they can travel around the world as part of their backpacking experience and enjoy cover every step of the way.

Winter Sports cover

This is another unique kind of customer. Winter sports are inherently dangerous and often risky even if you are a seasoned skier or veteran of other kinds of winter sport. This means that there is every chance that you will be facing some medical bills in the country where you are indulging in such sports. These bills are often very expensive, and by the very nature of winter sports, often have to cover such huge accidents that the bills can run into the thousands. Quick response emergency treatment is available if you are injured, and there is even the option of having you flown home through AXA travel insurance. This kind of cover can be taken as a single trip cover package, or it can be added to an annual cover package.

Pre-existing medical conditions

This can be problematic with some travel insurance providers. If a customer has a medical condition that could cause problems or potentially put their health at risk while they are travelling abroad, it can be something that a travel insurance company may find difficult to insure. However, AXA have what they term ‘an advanced’ online medical screening process, so customers can enjoy full confidentiality when they inform the company of any medical conditions they have. It is also quick, so the condition can be made clear to AXA and then become part of the policy that the company offers to the customer. The majority of medical conditions are covered at no further charge, so it is considered part of the cover that you already have.

Sport and activities

Another area that is sometimes controversial and something companies find it hard to cover, sports and activities can mean adventurous sports that could put policyholders at risk. AXA have dealt with this by producing a list of sports that they will accept when it comes to agreeing cover. The list of sports is extensive and travellers will be hard pressed to find sports that the company does not cover.

Levels of Cover

AXA travel insurance is subject to levels of cover. This means that customers get an element of choice when they take out some cover. The three levels are Basic, Essential and Premier.


This level offers features such as £1,000,000 towards emergency medical care and repatriation. It also offers £5,000 towards personal accident costs. There are other benefits too, such as £750 compensation if your trip is cancelled or cut short.

You can have optional extras on the Basic level too. One such extra is £5,000 towards legal expenses if these are incurred abroad.


The scale rises as levels do, so you have £5,000,000 here in case of emergency medical treatment and repatriation. You also have £15,000 in case of personal accident, which probably would cover many reasonably serious accidents that a traveller may suffer.


These customers have plenty of cover available to them. For example, they receive £10,000,000 for the emergency medical treatment and repatriation. This is a tremendous amount of cover and should make ay traveller feel they have complete peace of mind when they travel abroad. The level also offers an amount of £25,000 towards any legal fees incurred by the customer.

AXA travel insurance has won numerous awards in the last few years, and some of the cover levels have been adapted even further as the world and events in it have changed the way people travel and their concerns while travelling. For example, the company offers compensation for volcanic ash issues while travelling. The list of sports they cover runs to 70, which is a formidable amount of cover options for anyone who enjoys sports. They also offer a 24 hour helpline service, which you can reach from anywhere in the world.