Insure and Go

Insure and Go are proud to state that they offer all kinds of travel insurance to meet the needs of all travellers, no matter the background of the traveller or travelling group. They also state that they offer some of the most competitive prices on the Internet and in the travel insurance market as a whole.

They offer comprehensive packages, including all of the travel insurance types that you would expect from any major travel insurance provider.

The company has won some major awards for the travel insurance that they offer, and have also been voted the most trusted travel insurance provider.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This is a package that is best suited to travellers who wish to take one trip as a one-off holiday, or perhaps as a business traveller who wants to have one trip for one particular business meeting. Single trip travel insurance is unique in that children go free on any single trip purchase, and it also includes over 50 sports.

The company is proud to offer European cover from under £6. This makes it a very competitive offer as a travel insurance provider. This means that for any traveller that wishes to make short trips to Europe (business travellers, for example) the investment is very low to be fully insured.

The length of the trip that can be taken as part of a single trip package can be from 2 days to 365 days. This offers the traveller a lot of scope for the length of their journey. The cover offers a unique benefit in that up to three under 18 year old travellers can travel for free as long as they are with an adult. For a large party, for example when two or three families are friends and want to take their children, this proves very advantageous as regards financial issues. The rule is simple; in that there needs to be just one adult per 18 year old.

The company also offers a 24-hour a day helpline for travellers who take out the single trip insurance offer. This means that there is plenty of support for travellers with the policy. It is always reassuring to have this level of support at the other end of the telephone.

Perhaps the biggest benefit comes in the way of adventure sports, where the company offers over 50 sports for coverage. For example, they cover sports such as jet skiing, and they even cover bungee jumping, which some travel insurance companies will just not cover at all.

Annual Multi-Trip

This level of cover is comprehensive and offers a lot to the traveller who plans to travel a few times throughout the year. The company states that they can offer full multi-trip cover for the year from as little as £29 a year. Once again the package covers over 50 sports throughout the cover period, and the list of sports that is covered is typically long.

Winter sports are also included in the policy, so this means that the cover is enhanced for any one who likes any kind of sports experiences while going abroad.

Maximum trip durations run for 45 days to 90 days a year. This leaves things very flexible for the travellers. There are also five distinct levels of cover so that travellers have a lot more choice than they would with any other travel insurance providers.

The cover also includes the now expected 24-hour advice and support line, manned by experienced travel insurance professionals. There is also a dedicated pre-trip advice line available to all customers. All children enjoy free insurance too.


Backpacker insurance is a special feature package for the company. This package in particular is very attractive to anyone who plans to take a long trip. Backpackers commonly spend a lot of time travelling, and they consequently need a more unique form of travel insurance. The scope of the travel insurance for backpackers pretty much covers any scenario that a backpacker or world traveller may find themselves in. Whether they are doing some casual work throughout a year, or bungee jumping in ten different countries, the cover takes care of the insurance concerns for the entire adventure.

One unique feature of the backpacker insurance is the fact that the cover actually lasts up to eighteen months. This is more than some other insurance providers give to backpackers, and this makes it an especially useful little package for anyone who likes to see the world with a bit of adventure to the experience. There are also four different levels of cover for the package, which means that the choice is there for a truly tailored experience as regards cover.

As with the majority of policies that the company offers, the backpackers package offers free insurance for over 50 sports. With backpackers, some of whom follow a very adventurous path, this is ideal.

Ski insurance

Skiing has always been popular, and this means that there are often very special packages available for skiing and winter sports holidays. This company offers a great package for skiers. On and off-piste skiing is covered by the policy, so there is plenty of scope here for a truly enjoyable holiday without any worries regarding the insurance cover being received.

There is also cover for medical emergencies, so anyone who happens to suffer from a particularly difficult and challenging medical issue or injury whilst skiing can look forward to full cover from the company. The company also offers free cover for up to three 18 year olds per adult.

The company also offers plenty of extras such as gadget insurance for anyone who enjoys using their smartphones and other gadgets. This means that even this small aspect of someone’s holiday is covered by the travel insurance.

Insure and Go have won awards for their levels of cover, and what makes them effective is the fact that they offer so many different levels of cover and the whole package seems to understand the needs of many different types of travellers. This makes them a real viable option for travellers, whether they are taking a single trip or backpacking around the world.