Housing In Scotland

Whether you want to live in a city centre flat, in a house with easy access to the financial centres or in the countryside you'll be spoilt for choice in Scotland. Commuting is rarely an issue compared with Southern England European cities and the US. Scottish cities are comparatively compact, and it is perfectly possible to live within walking distance of the city centre as well as being a short drive from open countryside. 

Why not take the plunge and leave the city altogether? Although the dream of a Scottish castle may be slightly unrealistic, there is still the option of abandoning city life and buying a house in a village in the countryside. You can live in rural splendour not 30 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh and Glasgow. One of the notable things about the property market in Scotland is the boom in Edinburgh City Centre prices in the past few years. 

Compared with London prices are still lower, but properties are increasing in value faster than in London, and the surging property market is already persuading professionals from London to move north.

Rising property prices reassure them that they can re-enter the housing market in the South should they so wish. Add to that the chance of buying property within walking distance to work and it will come as no surprise that there is a growing interest in Edinburgh City Centre properties.

Buying or renting?

In Scotland property is regarded as a good investment, and the property market is currently very buoyant. Property in Scotland is bought and sold through solicitors or estate agents either by a "fixed price" or, more commonly, by the "offers over" system, where you compete against other interested parties in a closed bidding process.

Most people buy their homes by getting a mortgage usually paying it back over 25 years. Compared with other countries the percentage of home ownership is quite high with almost 60% of households being privately owned. 

Houses and flats can also be rented, but this may be more expensive than paying monthly mortgage payments. Homes can be rented furnished or unfurnished, although furnished rentals are more common. Renting may be preferable when first coming to Scotland. This will allow the time and flexibility needed for choosing the neighbourhood you would prefer to live in. 

The Scotsman newspaper publishes a property section every Thursday, and "Scotland on Sunday" has listings of properties available to buy and rent. "The Edinburgh Evening News" publishes their property section with Edinburgh properties on Wednesdays, and "The Herald" publishes a property section including Glasgow properties on Wednesdays. Another place to look for properties is on the internet. Many websites offer services where you can sign up and have regular email postings with properties matching your choices.