Post Office

The Post Office is an institution in the United Kingdom. Still responsible for much of the country’s mail, as well as a great portion of the savings in the country, the post office has always been seen as a provider that people can trust, even when other organisations are struggling to meet their commitments.

They are solid, dependable and clearly acting in the customer’s best interests. When it comes to travel insurance though, are they as reliable as people may think. This article will look at some of the travel insurance packages they offer and the benefits they bring to customers.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This offering is for people who like to take a one-off trip during a year. It can also apply to the business traveller who has to make a trip to a meeting overseas. The first key benefit that the Post Office brings to customers is the fact that the single trip can last up to 90 days.

This brings a tremendous amount of flexibility to the experience of the traveller, who can plan a trip in advance, and even take advantage of cover well before the actual journey takes place. This makes the cover some of the best value cover available today.

The provider promises at least £5 million in medical cover while the customer is out of the country. This covers accidents or injury while the customer is in another country. Another key feature of the policy is the fact that all children are covered free if they are part of a travelling group. This is tremendous value for money and means that families can experience real benefits when they travel abroad for a single trip excursion.

What is covered?

Although the plan is divided into three distinct levels of cover, the covered events and instances are very much the same.

Cancellation and curtailment of the holiday are covered by the travel insurance single trip plan. This means that the stress and strain experienced by travellers when their holiday is cut short or even cancelled can be reduced by this cover, which provides (dependent on the level of cover) up to £10,000 of cover for the policyholder.

The policy even offers cover if the customer misses the departure of the transport for the holiday.

This means that a substantial part of the expenses for a trip can be regained through the single trip insurance cover. This will give great peace of mind to the traveller, who would otherwise suffer great distress if they missed their flight, for example. Knowing that if such an event were to occur the travel insurance provider would remunerate the customer makes things a lot less stressful than they could be.

The Post Office offers great value for medical expenses. Becoming ill or suffering a major accident while abroad can be a real problem financially, as you are dealing with significant medical bills that need paying. The single trip insurance offers up to £10,000,000 in medical expenses as part of the cover.

The travel insurance also offers other benefits, but more specifically with the higher levels of cover. For example, it offers cover for mugging, but only at the Premier levels of cover, which makes it an issue if you haven’t purchased this level.

Long Trip Travel Insurance

This is a unique and very attractive level of cover for anyone who would like to take their time traveling. It could be suited to someone who is seeing the world, such as a backpacker, or somebody who has just decided that they would like to get out and spend some time away from their home country.

The package covers trips that last from three months to one year, so there is a lot of potential here for some great trips to take place, and all with the peace of mind that comes with effective cover.

The cover includes a very generous cancellation cover feature. This means that if the travel operator cancels part of your journey, then you can receive remuneration from the insurance provider. In this case the level of cover is significant, bringing customers £5,000 in cover. This makes it one of the more generous cover plans available today.

Explorer Travel Insurance

This is really aimed at the traveler who is looking to make a career break or head out on a gap year. This is for a specific type of traveller who has decided to take a one-off substantial journey that involves something more than just a short trip abroad.

The cover is open to adults aged from 18 to 35 years old. The cover is very open, so travellers can make their trip last from 2 months to one whole year. This allows the traveller to plan out exactly the kind of trip they want and there is a lot of flexibility built in there.

The cover offers an excellent cancellation protection, with £3,000 offered to customers if their trip is cancelled. This provides a great degree of peace of mind to the traveller. Rather uniquely, the cover also allows the traveller the opportunity to be covered for a single two-week trip back home, which can be taken at any time during the main travelling period. This is something that the majority of insurance providers do not offer, and is a real bonus for anyone who has to travel back for an emergency, or just wants to head home for two weeks to catch up with some friends.

You can add further features to your cover if you want to. For example, you can add winter sports cover for up to 28 days of your trip. You can also add hazardous activities cover, so that you can indulge in bungee jumping and other sports of that ilk.

The Post Office offers great travel insurance services for people with all kinds of different requirements. It is a trusted provider of insurance and the travel insurance offering is popular, especially among those who wish to take a gap year.